IP Freely: Because network daemons could use a little more humour

IP Freely

A simple and secure TCP proxy

"Because network daemons could use a little more humour"

UPDATE: Version 1.01 released 2005-03-27

Author: Niall O'Higgins [niallo at unworkable dot org]
License: BSD
Download: Here
OpenBSD Port: In -current ports tree as of 2005/06/27 (ie 3.8 and onwards).
CVS: Here

I needed a simple TCP proxy to forward connections to another machine. The existing solutions I came across were either horribly insecure (runs as root, doesn't chroot(), uses strcpy() and sprintf()..."can you spell buffer overflow") or unecessarily complicated by features I didn't need. So I decided to write my own.


It uses fork() to handle multiple connections for simplicity. Perhaps I'll implement non-blocking IO at some stage but the performance benefits really aren't worth the added code complexity at the moment.

I wrote it for OpenBSD, it probably won't compile under GNU/Linux but might under other BSDs. Maybe I'll bother to make it more portable sometime, but then again that would just mess it up with ugly #ifdefs. And as for commercial UNIXes...I don't use those :)

Patches welcome.

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